HASguru: Lets do it together !

Started as a goodwill gesture towards our fellow himachalis, who are working hard to get into the position where they can influence people’s life. Today, you can search almost anything on the internet and definitely find something related. But, data my friend alone is not enough. Everyone has finite time and efforts, so one needs suitably crafted, structured content or information to succeed in their task. Information does matter. Some of our friends realized the need of structured, organized information related to HAS, which compelled us to do something about it. After doing the basic stuff, we went a step further to provide a platform where aspirants can test their preparations and get an idea about competition out there. It is our sincere attempt to make preparing easier and interesting for you. Currently, we are offering:

  • Basic info: Eligibility criteria, the procedure of applying, pay grades and upcoming exam’s date/form submission date.
  • Syllabus: Structured syllabus for both prelims and finals.
  • Quizzes: Take autograded quizzes and compare your results with others on the leaderboard.
  • Collaboration: You can ask questions and reply to other people’s queries on forums or comments on pages.

We are currently working on some other cool things, which will be added soon. Also, to keep learning interesting, you even get rewarded for doing this. For details on our reward program, click here.

We are in our beta phase and looking forward for suggestions/contributions. Please send your feedback to hasguru@gmail.com so that we can live up to your expectations. So what you say fellas, Let’s do it together!!

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